This is the Virtual Mission Tools download and change log page. VMT is a suite of tools for Falcon BMS. Visit the VMT home page for more information.

Download VMT v063-5-gca608c7 (the latest on the dev channel)

Change Log

v063-5 [2021-07-17 Sat]

  • Bugfix: Kuwait missions wouldn't load due to gaps in XML database indicies
  • Bugfix: Null images were preventing mission load
  • Give better error for non-1024x1024 theaters

v063 [2021-04-06 Tue]

  • Bugfix: PPT symbols would not always display
  • Remove 32-bit versions, as I can't get them to build any more

v062 [2021-03-07 Sun]

  • Bugfix: Saving individual files (map images, annotations, FMAPs, etc.) would silently fail

v061 [2021-03-07 Sun]

  • Bugfix: correct 'no protocol method ISpec.read defined for type function' error when loading a TE

v060 [2021-01-26 Tue]

Update to support BMS 4.35.


Looking for a 4.34-compatible version of VMT? Download the 32-bit or 64-bit versions.


  • Added ability to set mission date in weather settings.

Note that because of the complexity in replicating BMS turbulence calculations, turbulence will always be set to the default when saving a TWX file. You will need to edit it in Falcon after saving if you want non-default turbulence behavior.

v058-22 [2019-08-20 Tue]


  • Adds "Open Debug Console" button to Tools tab
  • Shows mission window even if loading fails

These features may be removed in a future release - don't count on them sticking around. They are there to support debugging an issue that only shows up on some users' Windows 10 installs.

v058-19 [2019-07-03 Wed]

BETA Release!

  • Fix the stupid bugs I had in the last beta: FMAP and TWX saving should work now.
  • Fix app icons.
  • Allow overriding visibility and temperature.

v058-16 [2019-07-01 Mon]

BETA Release!

  • Weather should be working now.
  • Implement new and improved weather override regions: override wind, weather type, temperature, and/or clouds.
  • Remove wind stability regions, as these are subsumed by improved overrides.
  • Known bug: occasionally weather parameters do not update the model.

v058-10 [2019-06-08 Sat]

ALPHA Release! Weather generation does not work yet! Everything else should, but please report bugs.

  • Fixed bug where active teams were not computed correctly.

v058-9 [2019-06-02 Sun]

ALPHA Release! Weather generation does not work yet! Everything else should, but please report bugs.

  • Fixed bug where weapons list in the damage computer was missing weapons.
  • Remove warning about squadrons with no airbase - this is apparently no longer a problem in 4.34.

v058-6 [2019-06-02 Sun]

  • ALPHA Release: Update to support 4.34
    • Weather non-functional
    • Other bugs likely present
    • 4.33 no longer supported: use v058 or prior

v058-2 [2018-09-20 Thu]

  • Remove highlight from flight when closing flight tab.
  • Make tools tab always visible.

v058 [2018-09-18 Tue]

  • Fix typos in download page.
  • Build Linux version as well
  • Change logo to 440th VFW's
  • Fix various formatting problems
  • Fix incorrect label on annotations copy button
  • Improved map sizing and positioning: controls will never move below map. Instead, map gets smaller if necessary to accommodate controls when resizing window.
  • Titlebar of map is collapsible to increase usable space.
  • Tab names now remain visible even when scrolling content.
  • Fixed width of dropdowns in annotation controls.
  • Implemented "Save map image as PNG"
  • Fixed intermittent bug where things wouldn't render right sometimes
  • Flights can be opened in their own tabs
  • Fix (again) high CPU when app is idle
  • Flight colors and check state are now saved with briefing

v057 [2018-02-01 Thu]

  • Add missing help text

v056 [2018-01-28 Sun]

  • Annotations!
    • Add arrows, text, shapes, and lines to a map and save them with a briefing
  • Can now save modified briefing when viewing a briefing
  • Fix bug where dragging off the map makes things jump around
  • Reverse use of triangles/circles in waypoints to match BMS
  • Include download link in update notifications.

v055 [2017-12-26 Tue]

  • Fix bug where sorting was broken on flights page.
  • Fix bug where flight color selection was not working.
  • Fix occasional runaway CPU utilization.

v054 [2017-12-22 Fri]

  • Fix minor bug where "VMT Settings" text was showing when it shouldn't.

v053 [2017-12-21 Thu]

  • Add ability to have VMT automatically check for updated versions of itself.
  • Fix problem where web links were opening in the app instead of in a browser.

v052 [2017-12-18 Mon]

  • Major speedup in mission and briefing loading.
  • Add checkbox in map controls section allowing show/hide of borders of wind stability areas.
  • Wind stability areas and weather override regions are automatically placed in edit mode when created.
  • Fix bug introduced in v051 where squadrons weren't showing up for carriers and army bases.
  • Fix bug where weather override edit button wasn't displaying correctly when editing.

v051 [2017-12-16 Sat]

  • Handle weird Balkans bad index bug.
  • Report warning when squadrons have no airbase
  • Handle problem with improper handling of time in briefing files.

v050 [2017-11-18 Sat]

  • Fix bug handling consecutive steerpoints with the same time
  • Fix bug where briefing wouldn't load due to nil time somewhere.

v049 [2017-10-15 Sun]

  • Fix bug where install ID was saved incorrectly in briefing files.
  • Save version of VMT used to create briefing files; warn on load if a different version of VMT is being used.

v048 [2017-09-30 Sat]

  • Briefing notes: a simple (for now) text box where mission designers can put notes to be displayed when the briefing file is opened.
  • Display version number in the title bar.
  • Improved loading progress display: organized hierarchically, supports displaying warnings.
  • Allow mission creator to choose BMS version when multiple versions are installed and pointing to the same directory.
  • Bugfix: warn, don't crash, when a theater is in the theater list but no .tdf can be found.
  • Bugfix: fix excessive CPU utilization when loading multiple missions

v047 [2017-08-25 Fri]

  • Use correct flags for teams.

v046 [2017-08-24 Thu]

  • Fix errors loading related to objective names.
    • Error when reading the last string in the strings file.
    • Error when reading the objective name of a carrier objective.

v045 [2017-08-23 Wed]

  • Initial public release